fragrans in fabula

Pérfume by Calé changes its name to become Fragrans in fabula as each of our "fragrans" perfumes can teleport you, in a fraction of a second, into a wonderful elsewhere, into a "fabula", a fairy tale.

Featured products

Featured Products

Che Fico! - Liquid Soap by Laboratorio Olfattivo

A delicate cleanser to be used both for hands and body. Its charming figue-scented fragrance reveals all its nuances: vegetal, milky and woody. A contemporary scent with green and fresh notes, like a journey to the heart of a Mediterranean garden.

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Sandflowers by Montale

A breath of fresh air and salty sea breeze on your skin, combined with the coolness of Juniper Berries on a base of Sandalwood and Oakmoss. A very special fragrance reminiscent of sunshine and travel in the East.

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