fragrans in fabula

Pérfume by Calé changes its name to become Fragrans in fabula as each of our "fragrans" perfumes can teleport you, in a fraction of a second, into a wonderful elsewhere, into a "fabula", a fairy tale.

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Naomi Goodsir - Corpus Equus

Corpus Equus is a deep black animalistic composition, with assertive leather notes. Created by the genial Bertrand Duchafour, it’s a tribute to a fiery, impetuous horse. A gallant, noble blood steed in a broody, spirited wild ride.

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Cocoa according to Maison Tahité

Four interpretations of the divine ingredient, better known as 'the food of the gods'. An invitation to enjoy every moment of life, thanks to the irresistible aroma of cocoa, but without feeling guilty for the sin of gluttony.

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