fragrans in fabula

Pérfume by Calé changes its name to become Fragrans in fabula as each of our "fragrans" perfumes can teleport you, in a fraction of a second, into a wonderful elsewhere, into a "fabula", a fairy tale.

Featured products

Featured Products

The new brand Wilgermain

Wilgermain finds its inspiration in the USA’s modernity and avant-garde and in the most classic refinement and French savoir faire. The muses of the brand are both Paris, The City of Lights, and NYC, the Big Apple.

The compositions are luminous and intimate with several common features: masterful blending, refined packaging, a perfectly calibrated fragrance message and the usage of the purest raw materials.

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The face skincare with Benamôr

Rosto is the perfect ally for your daily skincare. Face solutions enriched with Organic Rose concentrate, a classic ingredient used in centuries-old cosmetics, due to its moisturizing, regenerating, toning and purifying properties.

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