Pérfume by Calé changes its name to become fragrans in fabula

As each of our "fragrans" perfumes can teleport you, in a fraction of a second, into a wonderful elsewhere, into a "fabula", a fairy tale.
Through our wide selection of refined perfumes, you will be able to enter the magical world of fragrances and experience the stories and emotions that it can reveal to us.
Home Fragrances, toiletries, shaving and cosmetics within our assortment play an important role too. All our exclusive products belong to Italian and international brands with century-old traditions and unparalleled creativity, or to new, young companies with an explosive innovative charge.

Frargans in Fabila Milano

Great Artistic Perfumery author’s creations to "taste" in complete tranquillity, in the ideal atmosphere to choose what best suits your personality. Over 65 years of experience in the sector allows us to offer quality fragrances, products and exclusive services in our shop, in one of the most beautiful and historically rich districts of Milan, in Corso Magenta 22.

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It can be very difficult to find your way around the hundreds of fragrances in our shop. To make it easier for our customers to search and choose, we have adopted a cataloguing system created by Michael Edwards: the creator of "Fragrances of the World", universally considered the "Bible of fragrances". It is an easily consultable database, in analogical or digital form, that classifies almost the entire world of perfumery into 14 olfactory families, distinguished by different colours. Each tester in our shop carries a coloured ribbon that defines the olfactory family at a glance.
Discovering which fragrances close to your current preferences is present in fragrans in fabula’s assortment can be done in a moment, thanks to Michael Edwards' App Match My Favourite. We can tell you which fragrances in our assortment belong to the same olfactory family and type of intensity of the perfume you are wearing or someone you want to give a particular gift to.


To deepen your knowledge of the world of perfume, we offer a selection of books to browse through in complete relaxation in our reading area or, if you wish, buy them for yourself, your loved ones or friends. In order to satisfy your curiosity and discriminate between facts and legends of the world of perfume, we have privileged texts that do not require specific technical knowledge and that we consider to be among the most representative and indispensable in the sector.


Vetyver, Ambergris, Galbanum, Sandalwood, Citronellol, Bergamot... names that sound familiar, but how many of you have really smelled them? Here you can get to know them, smell them and be surprised to hear the most important ingredients used by perfumers. Getting familiar with raw materials is an extremely effective way to understand how complex an olfactory composition is and to appreciate the chords’ intrinsic beauty once you hear their individual notes even more.