Histoires de Parfums presents this is not a blue bottle 1.6

A new chapter is added to the collection “This is not a blue bottle” and Gérald Ghislain, founder of Histoires de Parfums, dedicates it to the most exciting and powerful of energies: love.
Inspired by the poem "The Earth is as blue as an orange" that Paul Eluard composed for his beloved Gala, later to become Salvador Dali's wife, the eau de parfum 1./6 is a "surrealist" portrait of a joyful, light feeling.
The brilliant opening of sparkling citrus fruits evokes the image of an evergreen love, in the heart the orange and jasmine blossom implying its purity, while the base notes, characterized by vanilla and white musk, represent the ideal olfactory scenario for two tight bodies in a passionate embrace.
1./6 presents itself as an exciting fragrance that shakes the senses and opens up a world of possibilities, where even the Earth can become... as blue as an orange!