The collection Acqua Originale by Creed

The Acqua Originale collection is a passionate tribute to the origins of Perfumery by Olivier Creed who takes the concept of "Water", crystal clear, source of life and renewal, reinterpreting it, revolutionizing it with his unmistakable style.
Acqua Originale is a line that, in spite of its name, offers a full-bodied eau de parfum that expands Maison Creed’s olfactory heritage with creations of high concentration and persistence, Millesimati’s worthy sisters.
An olfactory journey in a garden close to the sea, the intense scent of orange blossoms spreads in the air mixing with Green Neroli’s wild aromas from the Mediterranean maquis, passing through the lashing and radiant freshness of a basket of citrus fruits evoked by Citrus Bigarade, will make you experience the unforgettable atmosphere of a holiday in a villa immersed in nature overlooking the turquoise sea, among citrus plants and exotic flowers with Zeste Mandarine.
A breath of joyous, sunny and multicoloured liveliness underlined by the elegant bottles inspired by lines and shapes of the past, now tinged with multicoloured shades, like prisms reflecting dancing rays of light.