Incensum, Celebes Wood and Lovely Alba of Mizensir

The great perfumer Alberto Morillas’ unique skill and sensitivity gave life to the new eau de parfum Incensum, a tribute to the ancient Japanese Kōdō ceremony, where participants are invited to "listen to a perfume" and describe the emotions evoked in words. The notes of Incensum are translated into a tribute between East and West, expressed with the contrast between spices and wood. The dualism becomes harmonious and blends with the depth of myrrh, papyrus and an accord of leather and wood.
Celebes Wood is an imaginary journey to discover the Indonesian island of Celebes's (Sulawesi) aroma, where the warmth of the sun's rays awakens and invigorates the scents of rare and precious essences that can be perceived from dawn. Notes of burning cinnamon and intoxicating cardamom seeds appear. A few steps are taken and it's white pepper's turn with its dry, sparkling note and black vanilla bean that gives softness, with a slightly gluttonous hint. Proceeding along the path we find a mixture of cold and warm spices that blend into a perfectly balanced olfactory chiaroscuro, resembling amber with its toasted accents of tonka bean and labdanum's depth.
Finally, Lovely Alba continues the chapter on Alberto Morillas' olfactory dedications to the people closest to him. Father and future grandfather at the same time, Alberto Morillas composes the most ethereal and intimate fragrance imaginable, whilst admiring the magic of his daughter Véronique’s sweet expectation. The grace and delicacy of neroli are supported by orange blossoms, followed by jasmine's transparency and a white flower accord. At the bottom iris absolute offers its poudrée elegance, while benzoin and vanilla give us all their affectionate passion.