The new fragrances by Mizensir

The Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas drew on his compositional genius to give us four new eaux de parfums that further enrich the olfactory panorama of Mizensir. At Fragrans in fabula in Milan you can discover, exclusively in Italy, the quartet of fragrances by the Geneva Maison.
Solar Blossom the Perfumer draws from his childhood memories to tell the atmosphere warmed by the sun and saturated with aromas on the patio of his native house in Seville, while the intimacy of a kiss when the skin comes into contact with that of the other throbs in the notes of For Your Love. The precious raw materials selected by the artist is celebrated in Very Musc, a triumphant musk accord with animal and carnal nuances that expand to infinity. Finally, a seductive elixir is kept in Golden Oud, which revolves around Assafi oud, the purest essential oil of the precious resin in the world.
We are waiting for you in our boutique in Milan to let you in on the new olfactory melodies of Mizensir.