CRA-YON and its Olfactory Wardrobe

CRA-YON Swedish fragrances have been conceived to “dress” every situation and mood. They are like an olfactory wardrobe that allows you to wear a different perfume depending on the occasion and they color the life of open-minded, global and curious people keen on fashion and lifestyle. CRA-YON aspires to democratize perfume through sustainable packaging made with recycled materials, no excess, but not renouncing a refined, lively design and top quality raw materials.
The fragrances can be divided into an essential wardrobe and a sophisticated one. The first includes: Passport Amour, an oriental rose inspiring beauty and sensuality; Vanilla CEO, a vanilla boosting strength of spirit and self-esteem; Sand Service, a woody fragrance that makes you travel without moving. The perfumes belonging to the second one: Continental, a world tour between woods and spices; Ami Amie celebrating the truest friendship; Art Life, conceiving life as a constantly evolving work of art.
Discover here the Beyond Gender, Cruelty Free and 100% Vegan CRA-YON collection.