The Gardens of the Hesperides by Pierre Guilllaume

The French master perfumer Pierre Guillaume enriches his Collection Numeraire with the olfactory theme N.7. The nose opens the doors of his Gardens of the Hesperides revealing to us his very personal interpretation of citrus theme.
The maja setting of 07 Solsekia is evoked by the wind blowing from the sea between delicate orange flowers and aloe vera plants with long, pointed leaves.
Guillaume's compositional genius makes us discover 7.1 Grand Siecle Intense, in which the perfumer rewrites the traditional citrus-vetiver duet through new proportions and modern rotations.
The next stop is Algeria with its vegetation of bergamot trees, wild lemongrass, peppermint, Mediterranean pine and jujube tree in the 'sun-blackened' countryside, in a unique atmosphere evoked by 7.2 Morning in Tipasa.
Now it's time to relax, preferably reading 'Wedding in Tipasa' by Albert Camus, source of inspiration for the latest olfactory destination and one of Pierre Guillaume's favorite readings.