Saskia, the sixth fragrance by Grandiflora

<img alt="" src=" " style="width: 1440px; height: 449px;" />From the first impact to the last glimmer of its long evolution, Saskia by Grandiflora preserves the scents of the Grandiflora atelier in Sydney. The fragrance makes us live the olfactory environment in which for 25 years Saskia Havekes, famous floral designer and founder of Grandiflora, has been creating floral spells, surrounded by the most extraordinary and evocative scents of nature.
To create this intriguing and mysterious essence, the artist engaged Christophe Laudamiel, one of the most renowned perfumers in the world, whose compositional genius is characterized by an unsurpassed balance between art and science.
The notes of the perfume are able to transport us into the wonderful floral theater in which Saskia Havekes gives life to her performances and that Christophe Laudamiel has rendered in a surprisingly realistic way, making us perceive how the infinite smells and colors of nature, apparently in contrast, can be transformed into a harmonious, exciting composition thanks to the expert, passionate hands of the floral designer.