Shem is the new, ‘luminous’ fragrance by Nishane

Shem is the new fragrance by Nishane and enriches the 'Prestige' Collection, inaugurated in 2019 with the Nefs scent.
Shem means 'candle' in Turkish and contains a great truth. A candle does not lose its strength by lighting another candle with its own flame. Thousands of candles can be lit by a single candle and its life does not shorten by the way.
Happiness is not wicker when you share it. The light is within you. Follow your unique path, your light.

Shem is an explosion of elegant floral notes followed by a mysterious, dark background. A vibrant scent with smoky nuances introduced by luminous tones. Its precious blend contains some of the finest natural materials, such as Turkish rose absolute, osmanthus and cardamom. The composition is able to evoke a journey within oneself and a sharing of existential truth.