La Divina Commedia according to Histoires de Parfums

<img alt="" src=" " style="width: 1440px; height: 449px;" />As in the most authenthic tradition of Histoires de Parfums, also the new fragrance is named after a number. This time the choice has fallen on 1472, the first printed edition year of the most reknown medieval poem written by Dante Alighieri at the beginning of the 1300.
Composed of three books - Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso - La Divina Commedia has been interpretated by Gérald Ghislain as a long metaphor on Good and Evil, on sin and virtue, faith and faithlessness. More than anything, it is an exploration if not an introspection on the reality of salvation and life after death.
Playing on the slippery slope between paradise and hell, between light and shadow, 1472 opens with a brightful artemisia note and a joyful solar accord. Then it takes us to discover the purest jasmine absolute and the intriguing cinnamon that lights up as it introduces a base of devilishly treacly rum absolute, melting with the carnal purr of an ambergris base.