# Chap.6 Journey through the Mediterranean

Thanks to the good weather, in June the desire for holidays grows and we start planning the next trip. So get ready to be transported to discover destinations near and far, even through the senses, because Fragrans in fabula store in Milan will reserve you an unforgettable tour in the Mediterranean.
In the stores in corso Magenta 22 and via Madonnina 17 a selection of fragrances that draw inspiration from the wonders of the Mare Nostrum will tickle your sense of smell, between beaches lapped by crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes that frame monuments of inestimable value.

Close your eyes and you will find yourself in a citrus grove with Mandarino di Sicilia by Perris Montecarlo, when the sun heats the fruits releasing all their aroma. From Italy, let's embark for Morocco with A Rose For by Floris, amidst rose cultivation as far as the eye can see, and let ourselves be enveloped by a warm and voluptuous scent enhanced by the intense temperatures of the place.

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