#Chap.7 Oriental Rites

A lot of people say that the very first trip to an Asian country can create an intimate, strong and indissoluble link with the East. Sacred places and temples, peaceful oases and chaotic cities, modern and ancient… coming into contact with completely different cultures is a unique experience, not easy to be explained to people who have never been to Asia.
At Fragrans in fabula in Milan, in corso Magenta 22 and in via Madonnina 17, we are planning in July and August an olfactory journey that will take you from Tibet to Japan, passing through China and Laos. You can discover the ancient Kodo ritual which inspired Incensum by Mizensir, inviting to “listen” to incense volutes hovering in the air. Concerning the spices, so widespread in Asian cuisine, you can come across cardamom,  which mixes with saffron and cinnamon to seduce your senses in Veni by Histoires de Parfums.
Whether you are a tireless traveler  with a rucksack or a comfort lover and spa addict, you will always be welcome to our shops. We have been waiting for you at Fragrans in fabula in occasion of an exquisite fragrance tasting. You just need to book your reservation at the link by selecting “Percorso Olfattivo Favole - #Cap. 7 Riti d’Oriente”.