Chap.8 #Between earth and sky

Perfumes have involved human beings and divinities of all times and all religions. Some varieties of herbs and aromatic woods were burnt and their fragrant puffs were believed to establish a contact between the human and the divine.
Used for religious or therapeutic purposes, to honor the deceased or to take part in the art of seduction, perfume has always been in balance between the sphere of the sacred and the profane. This double correlation, with the otherworldly on the one hand and the pleasure of the senses on the other, is the olfactory journey during the month of September in the Fragrans in fabula stores in Milan, corso Magenta 22 and via Madonnina 17.
Together we will discover the perfect balance between incense and myrrh of Heeley's Eau Sacrée, as if to evoke a sacred rite. If you are looking for a composition perfect for the art of seduction, you will not be able to resist Rose Exaltante by Mizensir: a rose conceived as an authentic weapon of conquest.
These and other exciting fragrances are just waiting for you. Just book for free at the link selecting “Percorso Olfattivo Favole - #Cap. 8 Tra terra e cielo”.