Calé presents Wonderscent - September 16, 2022

Calé and its CEO, Silvio Levi, invite you to discover Wonderscent, an event focused on perfumes and visual arts that come together to offer a new multi-sensory and chimerical experience. The setting up is by Marabelli Marongiu Studio and the event takes place on Friday 16 September 2022 in the prestigious Napoleonic Rooms at Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan
Wonderscent represents a further step forward in the imagination compared to the previous collective exhibition Fabula Experita, held last year, where the world of artistic perfumery was shown with the collaboration of four contemporary artists and their works presented with different olfactory backgrounds accompanying the various artistic creations.
Silvio Levi states: “We have once again chosen the prestigious setting of Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan to show the brands we distribute, including some exciting news. The idea is to give continuity to the path taken by Calé, which for more than sixty-five years has been selecting and offering the excellence of international artistic perfumery. We’d like to surprise our guests involving the sense of smell and sight as well, thanks to unique visual installations and with the selection of small objects that evoke the stories of perfumes in a multisensory journey conceived with the architects of Marabelli Marongiu ".
Wonderscent olfactory experience moves between the spheres of memory thanks to a series of video installations that evoke, according to oxymoronic combinations, the amazement you feel contemplating nature declined in ts macroscopic and microscopic forms.
Wonderscent is inspired by sixteenth century "Chamber of Wonders", rooms in which extraordinary objects from the world of nature or created by human hands were collected. These objects were called "mirabilia".
 This experiential journey into perfume will be introduced by a real Wunderkammer set up, in which "the wonders" will be shown as objects of worship, affection or inspired by the history of each fragrance on display, arousing amazement and disorientation.
In Wonderscent it is as if a noble traveler invites us into the halls of his palace
to discover the treasures collected during his explorations, through an exciting collection of perfumes and rarities in which the protagonists will be the unexpected and the wonderful.

Friday 16th September 2022
from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm
Palazzo Serbelloni, Piano Napoleonico
Corso Venezia 16, Milan
Free entry