The Time Capsule Collection by Nishane

The consequences of every action, the passage of time, our planet, our belief: four universal themes told through the language of perfume by Nishane.
Four fragrances, each of them realized in collaboration with four of the most famous Master Perfumers in the world: Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo, Carlos Benaim, and Jean-Louis Siuzeac.
A single universal and artificial language, Esperanto, created to connect the human beings, has been chosen to name the fragrances of the new Time Capsule Collection.
Papilefiko (butterfly effect) is about the consequence of our actions, Tempfluo narrates the flow of time, Tero is a tribute to the Earth and Kredo represents what we believe in.
The planet we live on is billions of years old and if we try to imagine all the living forms that have existed on earth, how many things we absolutely do not know.
In a certain period of time our species is also destined to vanish. Why not to leave our mark for the next creatures that will inhabit this planet?
That’s why Nishane uses perfumes as a language, because fragrances are able to communicate more than words themselves. The fragrances  know how to go beyond words.