Creed presents the new Leather Explorer Collection

In continuity with the 2021 collection, the House of Creed has created some exclusive leather products, with an original design by Olivier Creed, to give life to the wonderful Leather Explorer Collection and honor a 260-year heritage of craftsmanship by masterfully representing its elegance and savoir-faire.

The collection was handcrafted using the finest Italian leather in traditional French Navy hue, accompanied by a beautiful beige suede interior. A tribute to the history of the brand that celebrates the past with a contemporary luxury design but in line with tradition.

Supported by a team of three brothers from a family-owned craft workshop, Creed designed and developed three Perfume Sleeves and two Candle Holders.

The three enchanting Perfume Sleeves, with an original design by Olivier Creed, are perfect as travel companions and capable of storing 100ml, 75ml, 50ml bottles, as well as the best-selling women's fragrance, Wind Flowers.

The beautiful Creed candles are available in three sizes of 220g, 650g and 1,475g. in the delicate fragrances of Birmanie Oud and Vanisia, inspired by Olivier Creed's travels around the world. The candles are presented in a glass container and accompanied by an exclusive candle holder in French leather, which can later be used to keep your most precious objects.

The fragrances of candles
Birmanie Oud: created to refer to the Far East, it is a perfect blend of sweet styrax and tonka bean reminiscent of the Agar trees discovered in Myanmar.
Vanisia: a whirlwind of sweet vanilla nectar inspired by India mixed with a delicate note of amber.

The origins of the Leather Explorer Collection:
Inspired by his father's overseas travels, Olivier Creed was inspired by the design of the trunks that the Empress of Canada boarded from Vancouver to Kobe. After seeing his father's photographs alongside stacked trunks and sophisticated vanity cases, Olivier thought it would be the perfect way to preserve some of Creed's most precious fragrances while creating an item that could stand the test of time. The repeating pattern of the logo, reminiscent of the elegant style of the time, enhances these hand-crafted Italian leather accessories that thus become perfect travel companions.