#Chap.10 Winter breeze

The air cools down, the lights go on in the houses. While the snow is falling outside, we warm up inside, enjoying the family atmosphere that precedes the holidays. This duplicity full of winter contrasts is the protagonist of the olfactory path of the month of November of the Fragrans in fabula sales points in Milan, in corso Magenta 22 and via Madonnina 17.
Get ready to live a unique experience discovering perfumes and fragrances for the environment whose common thread is the winter breeze and its infinite nuances.
The cold scents of This is not a Blue Bottle 1/.5 by Histoires de Parfums recall the snowy landscapes through the transparency of the aldehyde nuances and the ozonic accord of which it is composed; Pioggia Debole by Filippo Sorcinelli evokes the smell of light rain in the morning; Passion Victim by Wilgermain transports us inside, within the walls of a house warmed by the warmth of family and friends with an enveloping and velvety fragrance.
And which winter breeze do you belong to? To find out how our fairy tale continues, you can book the olfactory journey for free at the link, by selecting “Percorso Olfattivo Favole - #Cap. 10 Aria d’inverno”.