Romantic or passionate?

Every love has its own smell and its own story. Whether it's romantic and sweet or intense and passionate, choose a perfume to tell it.

 To celebrate the day of lovers we made a selection of fragrances that well reflect the various facets of the most intense of feelings.

For Your Love by Mizensir celebrates a deep and all-encompassing love, a real statement in the bottle.
The delicate floral notes that you can find in Creed's Love in White suggest a more sublime, pure and ethereal love.

If sweetness and romance are part of your DNA, 1.6/ This is not a Blue Bottle by Histoires des Parfums is the perfume for you! It is in fact inspired by the verses that Paul Eluard dedicates to his beloved Gala in the poem "The earth is blue like an orange".

Vain & Naive by Nishane is a tribute to all the unique loves experienced on earth, like the one the Little Prince feels for his rose.

Love can also be carnal and lustful as demonstrated by Pierre Guillaume's Louanges Profanes which, with its notes of benzoin and neroli, wants to represent the voice of a woman in a moment of true passion.

The smell of pure olfactory attraction is evoked by the Bourgeonal molecule protagonist of Seminalis by Orto Parisi, while in Notte d'Amore by Pantheon Rome two bodies and two souls meet perhaps for the last time.

Finally, to express the vibrant and irrepressible desire for an impossible communion between two beings, choose Fusion Sacrée Clair by Majda Bekkali.

These are our suggestions but…now we would like to know your love story. We are waiting for you in the boutique to find together the notes that best represent it!