Jardim do Éden: the charm of Benamôr's Colognes Extraordinaires

Benamôr continues the rediscovery of its origins through Jardim do Éden, its first collection of fragrances inspired by the mythical colognes that since 1925 the mysterious apothecary founder of the brand has been making by hand in his laboratory in Campo Grande 189 in Lisbon.

Using unique scents and natural ingredients grown under the Portuguese sun, Benamôr offers five captivating Colognes Extraordinaires that evoke a stroll through Lisbon's glamorous Jardim Botânico, created for the Portuguese royal family in 1768.

All the magic of traditional colognes is captured by highly concentrated elixirs that recall the scent of freshly picked fruits and flowers, warmed by the golden rays of the sun. Like closing your eyes and walking in the Lusitanian Garden of Eden...

The Colognes Extraordinaires Benamôr are formulated with a 10% perfume concentration as opposed to the 4-6% contained in the classic Eau de Cologne which gives each of them greater persistence.