With Hacivat Oud Ropion reinterprets a great Nishane classic

Nishane, the prestigious Turkish brand distributed in Italy by Calé, is pleased to present its latest creation, Hacivat Oud, created together with the famous master perfumer Dominique Ropion. A richer and more opulent version of Hacivat, one of Nishane's most successful fragrances.

The inspiration

Hacivat Oud represents the evolution of Hacivat, the perfume originally created by Jorge Lee dedicated to the character of the same name from the Turkish Theater of Shadows. From the collaboration with Ropion an intense fragrance with a powerful sillage was born which enriches the Prestige Collection begun in 2019 with Nefs, to which Shem and Mana were added respectively.

The Fragrance

Hacivat Oud was created to satisfy the tastes of those who desire a perfume that embodies elegance and charm without giving up the olfactory bouquet of Hacivat. A complex mix of oud and pineapple made unforgettable by a persistent trail. Thanks to carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, this fragrance offers an even more intense and seductive aroma, giving an unforgettable sensorial experience.