Fragrans in fabula presents Frassaï, the first woman-founded niche perfume house from Argentina.
Designed between Buenos Aires and New York, Frassaï was founded in 2013 upon the return of its founder, Natalia Outeda, to her native Buenos Aires.

Dance, flowers, painting, music and travel are some of the elements that pushed Natalia to share her passion with others, to create experiences through objects such as jewellery, candles and perfumes. Frassaï creates new sensory experiences by sharing the beauty of Argentina, its people, its artists and its landscapes. It is an invitation to discover your own unique journey, to live deeply and stimulate intuition, to awaken the skin to a new awareness, connecting inner and outer worlds.


The fragrances
Verano Porteño captures the feeling of Buenos Aires during summertime. Blondine is a seductive and playful fragrance crafted to intrigue the senses, inspired by the namesake1920’s French fairy tale. Tian Di portraits ritual for the senses, embodied in earthy incense, rich green flowers, peach elixir, and calming woods. A fuego lento is the pulse of nocturnal florals enveloped in sensual suede. Victoria a fragrance of depht and sophisticated strenght, inspired by the quintessential Argentine woman, Victoria Ocampo. A bold contrast of creamy tuberose and opulent oud.

El Sur collection celebrates the purity and the simple elegance of Argentine Leather, Bran, Palo Santo and Rose with three scents to wear individually or layer and combine: Rosa Sacra, the magical scent of a radiant flower immersed in the rich biodiversity of the Argentine Yungas; El Descanso, the scent of golden wheat fields stretching into the limitless Pampas horizon; Cuir Pampas, a nomad journey to the Argentine gaucho pampa lands.

Complete the Frassaï creations the new candle collection, Metamorphosis: Divina Foresta takes inspiration from Diana, the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and the underworld. Its smell brings you to roam the wilderness, in the solitude of the forests, encountering woodland creatures and water nymphs. Fruto Prohibido it’s the olfactory tale of the myth of Persephone, abducted While picking narcissus flowers in a meadow: light it and cross over with her to a forbidden world.