The perfect gift does not exist?

We know, finding the perfect gift is never easy, but it is not impossible!

We just need to pay a little attention to what our favourite people might like. The sense of smell is the sense that most impresses and helps us remember, so why not leave a scented memento?
Be inspired by our selection of fragrances and products for the body and home.

We have thought of everyone this year, even those acquaintances who invite you at the last minute and to whom you never know what to bring with the Floris gift boxes for him and for her! They are ideal for a simple but not trivial thought.

For indissoluble couples, we have chosen two fragrances with a strong character, Carmina and Aventus by Creed. Together they always leave a mark but also on their own they have their reason.

Newly formed couples will be aflame with the new Laboratorio Olfattivo Ambrami and Cuoio Selvaggio candles, while the always-on-the-edge friend who already has everything will love the Not an Advent Calendar by Juliette has a Gun, six products in a special format for those who live everything their own way!

Those with a sweet tooth who are always on a diet will love the sweet notes of Ani X by Nishane or the Body Scrub Cacao² by Maison Tahitè, which they can indulge in without any guilt!

Those who like to travel with the mind will be transported to literary atmospheres by Frassaï's Fruto Prohibido and Divina Foresta candles inspired by the myth of Persephone and Diana, while those who prefer to travel for real will be able to recall their own adventures around the world with Benamôr's Figo Fogo box set, inspired by the fig trees in Lisbon's magical botanical garden.

And if you still haven't found the right gift, we are waiting for you online and in the boutique with lots more ideas!