Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Himalayas

Fragrans in fabula present HIMA JOMO, a French Maison of natural perfumes inspired by the beauty and the diverse ecosystem of the Himalayas.
HIMA JOMO was born in Paris in 2022 and brings together an international team from China, Tibet, Bhutan, India, and France that draws inspiration from the beauty of the Himalayan landscapes and employs three of the most celebrated master perfumers to create its fragrances: Bertrand Duchaufour, Barnabé Fillion, and Delphine Thierry.
The brand’s concept emerged amidst the pandemic: a time in which the gap between urban dwellers and the natural world grew wider than ever before, intensifying our yearning for reconnection. HIMA JOMO encourages to embrace the profound bliss of disconnecting from the the busy everyday life while remaining content and fulfilled. This philosophy mirrors the way of life of the Himalayan nomads, who find tranquillity and happiness amidst their detachment from the bustling outside world.
The name HIMA JOMO is the combination of two symbols dear to the brand:
HIMA, the sacred abode of snow and the life-giving source for half of the world’s population.
JOMO, the divine goddess safeguarding the majestic snow-capped mountains, and the embodiment of the Joy Of Missing Out, the joy of living in the moment without fear of missing out on something happening elsewhere.
That philosophy lies at the very core of the brand’s essence, also in the packaging. The orientation of the texts on the bottle, vertical, like the original logo of the house, is inspired by the sacred texts. the mantras. The cap is inspired by black clay, a material used in the daily life of highland nomads for thousands of years.
HIMA JOMO’s perfumes are handcrafted in Grasse, France, made from more than 90% natural and organic ingredients, using some of the rarest Himalayan botanical plants. The entire line is cruelty-free and made in recyclable packaging with minimum plastic, aiming to leave a lighter CO2 footprint to the environment.
The Treasures Collection features three distinct fragrances: Loon, Pashm, Tchai, each one highlighting a precious treasure originating from the Himalayan region – pink salt, cashmere and tea. A reminder of the significance of these natural resources in our daily lives.
The Season Collection presents four fragrances each showcasing the different season in a Himalayan fascinating location: Spring in Bome, Summer in Paro, Autumn in Lhoka and Winter in Manaslu.
Immerse yourself in the endless beauty of natural scents found in the Himalayan mountains and discover HIMA JOMO fragrances.