Tuberose in Silk, a combination of purity and sensuality for the new fragrance from Floris

Floris, the prestigious artistic perfumery brand based in London's historic Jermyn Street since 1730, is pleased to introduce its latest fragrance, Tuberose in Silk, a tribute to the sensuality of the tuberose.                   
The inspiration
"Tuberose in Silk draws inspiration from the allure of the tuberose, a lush flower whose aroma releases elegance and sensuality. [...] A celebration of femininity, capturing the beauty and grace of the tuberose flower diluted with a touch of ethereal silky notes."
Caterina Catalani - Nose of Floris

The Fragrance
Tuberose in Silk, is a tribute to the scent of the tuberose, a delicate balance of purity and sensuality in which the contrast contained in this unique flower is explored.
The fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot, orange blossom and camphor, then evolves into the voluptuous embrace of the tuberose that takes center stage. Musky and warm notes of amber and benzoin support the composition as a whole, giving rise to a floral and delicate bouquet.

A note from Edward Bodenham - Perfume Director 
"Much loved in the perfumery world, tuberose is one of the raw materials with which we have a strong historical connection within our laboratories. To balance the composition and bring out the sensuality of the flower, we have included a touch of camphor, which is easily recognizable in the deeper nuances of the fragrance and complements the intensity of the tuberose."
Edward Bodenham - Perfume Director