Ginja Collection by Benamôr: let yourself be guided through the Portuguese hills

Benamôr enriches its Portuguese "beauty recipes" with a new limited-edition line inspired by the sweet, juicy black cherries that grow in the Lusitanian hills, particularly in Fundão.
"Ginja" for the Portuguese is not just a perfume, but a constant reminder of the importance of memories: each olfactory note is an invitation to "travel back in time" among the characteristic aromas of Portugal through the juicy scents of ripe sour cherries that call to mind the traditional sweets prepared by grandmothers.
The Ginja Collection is composed of four different products carefully formulated to enhance the enveloping notes that characterize this iconic fruit. The sweet aromas of black cherry combined with cherry extracts give a pleasant sensation of well-being while ensuring deep hydration and leaving the skin soft and velvety.
Ginja liquid soap gently cleanses the skin, accompanying it on a journey through the characteristic aromas of Portuguese landscapes. The hand cream and body lotion nourish and moisturize the skin envelopping it with an irresistible scent.
To complete the experience, the eau de Cologne joins Benamôr's other five highly concentrated yet easy-to-wear "Colognes Extraordinaries".