The ancient tradition of Japanese timbres lives again through the fragrances of ÉDIT(h)

At Fragrans in fabula arrives ÉDIT(h), the Japanese brand born from the idea of fusing the local stamp tradition with the world of niche perfumery.
Each fragrance is able to leave a unique and distinctive imprint, like the Shuniku, the traditional ink pads produced since 1905 by the historic Nikko Jirushi company in Tokyo of which Kentaro Kuzuwa, the brand's founder, is a sixth descendant.
The raw materials, graphic motifs, and aromas used in the production of Shuniku are integrated into the olfactory creations, and the bottle itself echoes the shape of the stamp, giving rise to ethereal yet character-defining perfumes created in collaboration with renowned perfumers, designers, and engineers who have worked for the family business for years.
You can immerse yourself in the urban garden recreated by the notes of Jardin des Mots, get carried away by the aroma of black tea with Souchong Journey, discover the unprecedented green notes of Green Velvet, enjoy a drink in Tokyo with Cocktail Lane or dream of parallel universes with Kagamigoshi.
Be captivated by the Japanese atmospheres of ÉDIT(h).