Teisenddu by Frassaï: a journey on the Mimosa, from Wales to Patagonia

Just landed at Fragrans in fabula is TeisendduFrassaï's fragrance created in collaboration with Roxanne Kirkpatrick and inspired by a journey that, generations later, leaves an indelible impression. 
It is 1865, May. 153 Welsh emigrants set sail on an old converted tea clipper, named "Mimosa", bound for the rugged wilderness of Patagonia, with dreams of founding a new settlement. They arrive in Porth Madryn after a journey of 12,000 kilometers. A bridge is suddenly created between two distant lands. inspired by the scent of the Welsh settlers' "negra cake", Teisenddu celebrates its tradition that blends with the elements of Patagonia's arid landscape.
Warm spicesbitter orange and juniper welcome the senses as if in a cozy tea room. A delicious heart of dried fruits and nuts is macerated in rum and wrapped in honey mimosa, while an intriguing blend of leather and brown sugar crystals complete the recipe, lingering as warm memories shared over a cup of black tea.
An unforgettable scent.