Wilde by Floris: an invitation to love passionately

Wilde, the new fragrance from Floris just arrived at Fragrans in fabula, is inspired by the eclectic personality of Oscar Wilde: the famous British writer and intellectual who was a frequent visitor to the brand's boutique in London's famous Jermyn Street, where he used to hang out with the Floris family to discuss business and current affairs.

Wilde is an invitation to love passionately, a tribute that leaves no room for melancholy but, like a dance between past and present, is meant to recall Oscar Wilde and his habit of pinning a green carnation to his jacket lapel, following a trend in vogue in Paris to identify himself as a homosexual.

A gesture that becomes in this case the inspiration to celebrate the romanticism and passion of this revolutionary figure whose free personality and avant-garde ideals are found in the writings dedicated to his beloved Sir Alfred Douglas, true hymns to love and the freedom to love.

An understated fragrance with a well-defined character that combines the sparkling notes of bergamot with the delicacy of orange blossom to which is added the spicy touch of white jasmine, ginger and green carnation, evoking the connection between Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas.
A warm base given by sandalwood oil, olibanum and benzoin contributes refinement and intensity to the composition.