Nishane's Favonius: an ode to the love between Favonius and Flora

NISHANE, the famous Turkish brand with cosmopolitan appeal, is proud to present Favonius to the public, a fragrance originally created as an exclusive offering for Harrods, London's prestigious luxury emporium.
Favonius, with its timeless elegance, has since garnered unprecedented acclaim from connoisseurs of fine perfumery, which is why the brand's owners have chosen to make it available to aficionados worldwide.
Named after the Roman god of favorable winds, Favonius recounts the meeting of the god Favonius with Flora, the goddess of all flowers, and the endless love that ensued. In ancient Rome, Flora was revered for her ability to cause the flowers of spring to bloom, while Favonius was hailed as the gentlest of winds and the messenger of spring, giving life to Flora's wondrous realm. Legend has it that Favonius, enraptured by Flora's ethereal grace and her boundless devotion to her floral kingdom, turned into a rose, her dearest flower. Enchanted by its beauty, Flora tenderly kissed its velvety petals, thus fulfilling Favonius' ardent desire and beginning an eternal union.
The result is a scent that embodies the quintessence of romance in its fusion of woody and spicy notes with the luminous hints of a crystalline rose, adorned with lush green foliage.