This is not a blue bottle 1/.7: the splendor of unexpected joy

Histoires de Parfums presents This is not a blue bottle 1/.7, a new perfume that tells of reminiscences of happy days and the radiance of unexpected joy.

Its inspiration is the number 7, characterized by powerful symbolism and associated in most cultures with deep spirituality. Magical or lucky, its appeal is undeniable, 7 is a special number. It is said that on the 7th day, Gérald Ghislain, after an epiphany and 7 seconds of reflection, imagined This is not a blue bottle 1/.7: a new perfume that adds vibrancy to the blue collection formed by 6 other fragrances that remain true to the spirit of breaking Histoires de Parfums.
This is not a blue bottle 1/.7 evokes the glow of electric blue. Wrapped in sunlight, the most beautiful moments resurface, in a succession of luminous memories. This radiant, almost divine light permeates our whole essence with vital energy and fuels our hopes, our ability to believe in possibilities, good fortune, happiness and the promise of a bright future.
 "And suddenly the horizon, lined with ozonic nuances, lights up with joy. A silent glow of pink pepper warms us, leaving a trail of rosy-toned happiness in the air that goes to enrich the great book of memories. Only to be lulled by a candid embrace of lily of the valley and frangipani. A scent that evokes supreme radiance, endless awe, a ray of sunshine as soft as a kiss with the flavor of sandalwood and white musk. The vibrant emotion of vanilla's ethereal warmth. Hearts open, souls bloom, intoxicated with light, in a moment of sweet fervor."
This is how the new fragrance is described that adds to the famous This is not a blue bottle collection whose name is inspired by the phrase "ceci n'est pas une pipe" that appears in Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte's famous painting "The Treachery of Images". A collection that becomes the allegory of a scented big bang, a journey that through the abstraction of emotions leads us to explore the infinite realm of blue in that borderline between emptiness and existence that conceals a deep space of possibilities.