Queen of Silk: the ethereal beauty of silk

Fragrans in fabula is pleased to introduce the new The House of Creed's fragrance, Queen of Silk, inspired by the ethereal luster of silk, a fabric coveted since time immemorial for its beauty and delicate touch. Drawing on its eternal appeal, characterized by strength and delicacy as well as brilliance and evanescence, Queen of Silk gently envelops the skin with an impalpable yet persistent touch.
A modern embodiment of the oldest of treasures, the fragrance is an olfactory tapestry whose raw materials evoke the distant lands from which the precious fabric it is inspired once came.

Heady floral and fruity nuances of Chinese osmanthus and tuberose blend with a complex texture made of Javanese patchoulicedarwood and agarwood, surrounded by soft Madagascar vanilla and rich amber notes

An intoxicating new fragrance that, casting a hypnotic spell over all who discover it, emanates a trail of sensual allure.